Monday, March 10, 2014

Lettuce Wraps

A fun meal we like to have at our house is Lettuce Wraps. They are so popular at restaurants and in the food world and for good reason. They are super delicious, easy and you can put practically anything in them. They are meal that you can make extra healthy really fast. 

The ones we made happened to have an asian flare to them. We added chicken, stir-fry sauce, bamboo shoots and water chestnuts then topped them with rice noodles. The kids felt like they were eating something extra fancy and I felt like they were getting an extra serving of veggies. 

You can make Lettuce wraps your own way by filling them with taco filling, burger fixings or keep it original and do asian style. Lettuce makes a great outside wrap for almost any kind of sandwich or wrap. You can really boost your servings of veggies that way, and feel like you are trying something a little different. 

Happy Wrapping!