Monday, September 14, 2015

BBQ Rice Bowl

Now that it looks like summer is really going to be ending, I am feeling a bit nostalgic for summer flavors.  I keep enjoying foods and thinking - "Oh, I am so going to miss this!"

There is just something about a vine ripe tomato at the first of August and just never tastes as good in February. (Well Obviously!)

We had the last hoorah of summer fun this weekend, and I realized I am going to be missing BBQ food. The tangy coleslaw, the big pot of baked beans, pulled pork sandwiches on crusty rolls, slices of watermelon with the juices running down your arms and spitting seeds in the grass - eating on a paper plate that is about to collapse in your lap!  Ahhh Summer, you've been so good. 

We had a bit of leftover food from the party. It wasn't exactly enough to make a whole meal out of for the whole family, but I absolutely did want to eat it up. 

I thought about making a salad - which is my favorite quick go-to for using up leftovers, stretching them further, and making them taste "new".  But as creative as even I get, I was having a hard time imagining baked beans on a bed of lettuce. 

So what's the next best way to eat everything all together ... in a Bowl!!

I cooked some rice up on the stove while I got the leftovers out and started to heat them. 

We had leftover BBQ Chicken, but pork or beef would work just as well. 

I put a serving a rice in the bottom of bowl. You could use quinoa as well, if you wanted. 

Then put the rest of your sides onto your rice, We had baked beans and some broccoli slaw. 
If you are wanting to make this - The baked beans are straight from the can - and the broccoli slaw is made straight like the recipe on the bag of the bag says. 

Believe it or not, one of the best things you can do for your budget is to eat the food that you have.  I know that sounds crazy, most of us are thinking... don't we already Do that?

But as someone who has spent the vast majority of her life being totally grossed out by leftovers, I know how much food it is possible to throw away because it just doesn't seem "yummy" or as exciting to eat something the second day. 

Don't be scared of your leftovers, Don't be nervous to serve things up in a little bit different way. 

You just might end up making something that you'll be bragging about to all your friends.