Thursday, September 24, 2015

Grilled Corn on the Cob

One of the best fresh vegetables of the season is corn on the cob. We like corn a lot around here, but it is really something special when we get it on the cob. We never never buy it frozen on the cob, so this is an exclusive in season thing. 

The kids like it so much, I never have trouble finding someone willing to husk with me. It makes it a lot easier than having to do it all myself. 

We have been going to the fairs and the street festivals. And the kids want us to buy corn on the cob - oh my Goodness! That stuff is really expensive, here it varies between 4-5$ a cob - I can't pay that. (I literally physically cannot pay that - my body won't let me)

So we made it at home, It was no sweat! - as usual with corn on the cob, the husking was the only part that was "difficult" - so it really was easy!

I know there are a few different schools of thought with grilling corn. I have seen photos of people just putting the ears right on top of the grill and grilling them that way - but I am not sure how they eat them after they are done cooking.  I am sure they are ridiculously hot, how do they husk them --- maybe with gloves? But how to they remove the corn silk?  I can't eat corn silk, it totally creeps me out. 

So I go ahead and husk the corn first and remove all the silk. This takes a lot more time than it usually does for me, because normally I just cut the top and bottom off and then unwrap the husks and remove the silk. So just pulling the husks down as far as I could and then removing the silk took me a lot longer than normal.  Not a huge amount of time, and it isn't hard, just longer than I am used to. 

Then I double layered two pieces of heavy duty foil (always use Heavy Duty if you are going to be grilling) I melted some butter and has some seasoning salt. 

I used my silicon pasty brush which is my new most favorite kitchen tool.  I am not about kitchen gadgets at All, but I think investing in one of these is really worth it - they would so much better than the other choices than I have been messing around with. 

Now that your corn is all buttered and seasoned, it is ready to be steamed on the grill. The moisture that is in the husks is what it going to cook the corn.  So the fold the husks up and over the corn, trying to cover evenly the entire cob. Then wrap up the corn in the foil and seal it as tight as you can, to keep all the good steam in. 

Put it on your grill on medium heat for about 10 minutes.... or if you are grilling with high heat about 5 minutes - depending on the size of your ears of corn. You aren't going to need to turn them too much. The foil will protect them for the small amount of time they will be on the grill. 

When you pull them off, let them sit for a few minutes. These are Great to make ahead of your burgers (or whatever) and let them sit in their foil and continue to slowly steam and stay warm while you grill your other food.  Plus, they really Are too hot to handle when they first come off. 

When you are ready to serve then, I unwrap the foil (instead of tearing it off) and then I pull the husks down and wrap the piece of inner foil around the husks to keep the husks back and to use as a fun "handle".

The kids loved this and the corn tasted really good. I could cook a lot more than I normally can in my big pot on the stove - so everyone was pretty stoked that they didn't just get one corn.  It was pretty fun and as strange as it sounds, I was very pleased to be able to show my kids that it is just as easy and even Better to make things at home.