Friday, January 15, 2016

Folded Enchiladas

It is tough for me to think about Enchiladas and not think about how much work they are. That's terrible isn't it. My family absolutely goes crazy for them. I have done 3 separate blog posts that are all about enchiladas. 

I love them too, really I do, but it is hard to want to make something that makes me stand in the kitchen and cook twice. Once to prepare the darn things, with all the filling and rolling and saucing. And then a second time to actually "cook" dinner, put them in the oven and make a salad and such. 

That sounds a little bit lazy, but honestly, I don't have time to spend 2 hours in the kitchen for one meal - no matter how much they like them. 

So these folded enchiladas are a great alternative to traditional ones. No, they don't taste them same, but you can make some pretty delicious ones and they are really speedy to put together. 

In fact, They are an amazing meal to put on your menu plan as a "planned over". That is what I did here. We had ground beef / taco meat leftover and shredded pork roast also left over. I planned to use those. 

So Folded Enchiladas are traditionally served as a side dish, but I served them as the main part of our meal, a small green salad was our side dish. This would be amazing with some beans and rice, it would be amazing made with beans and rice In them... YUMMY!

Corn Tortillas (yellow or white) You could use flour if that is what your family prefers
Enchilada Sauce (you can use pre-made from a can or make your own.)
Cheese ( I used a shredded mix and also some Feta (because I didn't have Queso Fresco)
Filling (Use what you have, Veggies, Meats, Beans..... )

** Sometimes when I write these "Recipes" down, I think... these people are going to think I do nothing but throw things out of my fridge and call the mess that I make dinner **


Place your tortilla on a med-hot grill or in a skillet to start to cook, when it begins to soften, flip it over and sprinkle cheese on the second side. 

If you are going to make a cheese enchilada, you'll want to use more than if you are adding additional filling. 

When the cheese has been added, then top the tortilla with you filling of choice. I warmed mine up on the microwave before hand because they were cold from the fridge. If you have just prepared your taco meat or what have you, then you won't need to heat it again. You can just top your tortilla. 

 When your cheese gets melty, fold the tortilla. I have seen them folded in thirds (and they looked really cool) but I don't have the skills for that. So I just folded mine in half and topped them with warm enchilada sauce and a little bit more cheese.