Thursday, March 3, 2016

Cereal Snack Mix

When I was a teenager and before we would go to girls' camp, we would all get together and make this crazy thing we called Gorp. Is that something that all crazy campers do? Is that a Utah thing? Is it so crazy that it was just us?

Anyway, I make it for my kids. And I think it is a pretty good idea. We end up being on the run a lot and with the little ones, they get so hungry so fast. And I hate Hate feeling like I need to run through the drive through and get something. First - they never eat it... they only want the toy. and second is it expensive and third.... it is crap. 

I spend a morning putting this together and we are good to go for a few weeks. I put them in the car and in my purse and a few in the quiet bag that goes to church and dr appointments.

I put in them some cold cereals - I do have captain crunch berries in this one (and I don't feel too bad about that). I also put cheerios and quake oatmeal squares. I bought some Kix to put in but the kids are them before I got to it. I put in some raisins and some gold fish. You can add pretzels and chex, marshmallows, dried fruit and if your kids are old enough to not have to worry about choking you can add nuts or seeds.

Perhaps compared to kale chips or a big stalk or broccoli these aren't "Healthy", but compared to a dollar cheeseburger or fast food nuggets and fries - they are a heck-of-a lot better. And you might be surprised what your kids end up liking. My baby is a crazy man for dates. It was pretty surprising to me, and I can always tell which of my kids has snacked on a bag and didn't finish based on what they left behind.

When you are making healthy changes and trying to teach good habits it doesn't always have to be all or nothing. A choice that is a little bit better can actually end up being a lot better than making a bad choice. You don't have to tackle the whole food world all at once, you can start with a little bag of cereal.