Friday, March 10, 2017

3 Nutrition Lies and an Absolute Truth

I read a lot of articles and studies on health and nutrition. I have read more diet books, and plans for eating that I would be willing to admit. With all my sisters and my mom, we probably have tried every major fad, program and "lifestyle change"  It is exhausting!!

And with so many scientists, dietitians, nutritionists and health nuts our there... How can there be such different views?  Frankly it is exhausting to be told so many lies and to be told in so many ways that everyone else is lying to you. 

So here I am, with my simple blog post and the most honest information that I can find - Here are there of the most common health lies and the one truth that Everyone can agree on! 

  • Carbs are Bad - This one is a popular one, and it is one that people really struggle with. How often have you heard, I'd eat that way, but I just can't give up bread. Whole grains can be a huge part of a healthy well rounded diet. Sugars from whole fruits, vegetables and grains are a great source of energy. That is what a Carbohydrate is, Energy.  If you are interested in getting some high quality information on carbs and why they can be an essential part of your healthy eating habits. Visit Here.  There is also a lot of easy to understand information, recipes, fun games and ideas Here!.  

  • More Calories are Always Bad for You - Take for example a slice of white bread - 24 calories vs a slice of whole grain bread - 69 calories.  Here is another example, white rice has 206 calories in a cup and brown rice has 216 calories in a cup. Which of those has been processed less and has more nutrition. Here is one last one, a single cup of regular cola soda has 88 calories in it, a cup of non-fat milk has 91 calories.  Each of these foods in higher in calories than their lower nutrition counter-part. For years and years calories have been labeled as the ultimate villain in our diets, but it doesn't have to be that way. Eating foods with the least amount of processing, as few chemicals as possible may cost you a few more calories in your daily intake, but it is much better for your health overall. 

  • All Fat is Bad - I came of age in the low-fat, no-fat, fat-free world. Oreos that were fat free, chips with "less fat" - fat was making the world fat and the "food" makers of the world were out there to not only give you the cookies and cakes and candy that you needed, but to make you healthy by making them Fat-Free. -- I have a weakness for Sour Patch kids, and it makes me laugh out loud every time I buy them and it says on the box in huge letters. "A Fat-Free Food!"  Fantastic!! I am going to forgo that avocado with all that gross fat and instead have these fat free sour patch kids.  It seems really ridiculous when put like that doesn't it.  There are healthy fats and you need fats to aid in your digestion and absorption of nutrients. Just assuming that fat is bad can leave you lacking in a lot of health benefits and things that you body needs to thrive. 
Now, just like I promised - the one truth that everyone agrees on.  The undisputed Food Law that no one can deny... 

  • Eat More Veggies - It is simple, it is true and no matter who you ask, they'll agree. Eating vegetables is so very good for you. They are good for you anyway they come, fresh, canned and frozen. They are good for you if you eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. They are even better for you if you eat them at all four of those times. Vegetables are go for you and there is no denying it. And you'll be healthier if you eat more of them.