Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Frozen Sour Candy Grapes

I feel a lot lately that I am always packing snacks. Packing snacks for the pool, packing snacks for the fireworks, packing snacks for the summer festival or a day at the beach. Snacks, Snacks, Snacks!

And it has been hard for us to get out of the habit of going to the store and raiding the aisle with all the sugar and chocolate and chips. Those are hard habits to get out of, especially when you want to relive old memories as much as you want to make new ones. 

So as we are trying to eat better and be healthier, I am trying to pack snacks that are better for us. And as much as my kids really love the veggies and fruit that I pack, sometimes I miss having the things for them that I think are "fun"  * I am the worst one here at our house about letting go of old habits

Alice and I made these fun frozen sour grapes for a day of fun at the little festival that celebrates the little town that I grew up in. It is a hot busy day and these frozen grapes were as delicious and refreshing as they were fun to make and eat. 

Here are out ingredients.  We used red grapes that we had washed, dried and picked off the stems. 

Then we used Elsa J-ello, because why would you not use Elsa j-ello,  if they had Little Mermaid j-ello, we probably would have used that instead. The lime is pretty good, but honestly the flavor doesn't matter all that much. 

And a few drops of lime or lemon juice. We used lime because it was what we had, but you can use lemon and you can use fresh if you have it as well, we just didn't. 

I let Alice make these all by herself and she did a great job. Charlie even came and helped and was successful at it without making too much of a mess. So I would say these are perfect for a 5yr old to make themselves once you get everything set up and show them how - a 2 yr old can make them, but you're going to have a mess to clean up. 

I set up three little stations for here. I put just a few drops of lime juice in the bottom of the bowl, really just a few drops, less than a teaspoon. You can to just barely wet the grapes. 

Then she rolled them all around in the j-ello and then put them on the plate. 

I didn't even have to let them "set-up" once she was done rolling, I put them all back into the zip plastic bag and put that right in the freezer. 

They are so good and really fun.  I really like frozen grapes anyway, but this made them a little bit special and honestly it didn't make me feel like my kids were "missing out" because I want them to eat healthy snacks.